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          My education began several months prior to entering kindergarten at Hop Brook School when my mother, a teacher at Hop Brook, taught me the basics of reading. I have always been an avid reader and I attribute most of my academic success to my early development as a lover of all forms of literature. I read extensively on a daily basis for work and pleasure including three newspapers every morning while I am also reading multiple novels or other works of non-fiction in addition to my legal reading at work. 

          I completed my education in Naugatuck by attending Hillside Middle School and Naugatuck High School where I graduated on the honor roll with the class of 1966. 

          Upon graduation from Naugatuck High School, I attended Boston University where I graduated in 1970 with a degree in Business Administration, which has proven very useful throughout my career. While at Boston University, I read a book entitled "Attorney for the Damned" which contained excerpts from the closing arguments of Clarence Darrow. I decided on the spot to go to law school.

          On a bitter cold day in April 1970 with snow falling while I was driving down Storrow Drive in Boston, I decided that I should move to San Francisco for law school. I drove to San Francisco in the summer of 1970 and enrolled in law school at the University of San Francisco. I graduated from the University of San Francisco in 1973 with honors. I passed the California Bar in late 1973 and the Connecticut Bar in April 1974. 


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