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Commercial Investment in Naugatuck

The Early Years/Terrace Avenue

          Upon the commencement of my own law office in 1978, I purchased a mixed use Victorian office building at 42 Terrace Avenue overlooking downtown Naugatuck. The home was built in 1886 by the Tuttle family and was the first home in Naugatuck to have electricity. I began my first historical renovation project upon acquisition of the home and the first 23 years of my legal career were based at the Terrace Avenue location. 

          I remain the owner of the home for many reasons, including my love for the Terrace Avenue location and my memories of many legal battles conducted there, as well as my friends and neighbors from Terrace Avenue. 


The Hopson Building 

          Several months after the millennium, an opportunity arose from me to acquire the Hopson Building in downtown Naugatuck. The Hopson Building was built in 1896 and I always admired the building while growing up in Naugatuck. My dentist and barber were on the second floor and I have fond memories of the grand staircase and the high ceilings. On June 1, 2001 I acquired the building and began my second historical renovation project. I encourage anyone who has not had the opportunity to visit the building to stop by during regular business hours to see the building.

          I moved my law office from 42 Terrace Avenue to the Hopson Building later in the year in 2001. It was my intention not only to renovate the building but also to attempt to bring more people into downtown Naugatuck. The Hopson Building project was successful at the outset and the entire building was filled in several years. The rest of Church Street did not fare as well and there were many empty storefronts or underutilized commercial buildings. 


The Old Convent

          Later in the year 2001, I made the decision to further invest in downtown Naugatuck by purchasing a one-half interest in a mixed-use commercial/residential building at 223 Meadow Street. 223 Meadow Street is the former convent for St. Francis Church, which was previously renovated in the 1980's. The acquisition of the Hopson Building and 223 Meadow Street demonstrate my commitment and belief in the future of downtown Naugatuck. 

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