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Family Life & Personal Interests 

I reside at 69 Mistywood Lane in Naugatuck with my wife of 17 years, Krista, and our beloved dog, Beaumont. My wife works with the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch in Wethersfield and Beaumont comes to work with me. Beaumont also helps me with my toughest cases. I have two sons, Brandon and Spencer, who currently reside in Bantam and New Haven. My favorite pastimes are hiking the Appalachian Trail or the streets of the five boroughs of New York City, golf, movies, reading and cooking with my wife. My wife is a world-class chef but I am limited to certain specialty dishes. I have been a fan of the New York Mets since their inception in 1962 in order to avoid the fatigue of the Yankee/Red Sox never ending feud. As a former pitcher, I also detest the designated hitter rule in the American League that removes managerial strategy from the game. I love music and traveling to music and food related destinations, the New York Jets, the New York Rangers and all things UConn. My favorite alternate locations are New Orleans, San Francisco, Charleston, Santa Fe, Boston, Nashville, and Austin. My best days are spent at home in Naugatuck with my family. 

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