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Legal Experience 

        While studying for the Connecticut Bar exam in 1974, I began my legal career by working for Attorney Michael J. Daly, III in Waterbury. There is no question in my mind that Mike Daly is the smartest lawyer I have ever met and he mentored me throughout my career until his death. Mike showed me how to litigate any type of case. He taught me the strategic aspects of a legal battle and how to think like a real lawyer. In my early years as a lawyer, I also benefited from my association with Attorney Henry S. Marlor who taught me the ins and outs of all forms of real estate transactions. I received excellent guidance from these lawyers, which provided the foundation for the eventual formation of my own law office. 

          In 1978, I opened the law offices of N. Warren Hess, III as a sole practitioner. During the first portion of my career, I focused on civil litigation, municipal law and real estate transactions. I handled litigation for the Borough of Naugatuck and I was counsel to Regional School District No. 16 for all matters. I am very proud of the fact that I have maintained my representation of Region 16 and the Borough for long periods of time through many administrations.

          In the 1980's, my real estate practice began to change and I became an advocate for real estate developers for residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed use projects. I worked for developers in towns that I did not represent and I defended other municipalities from claims by developers in the towns I did represent. The focus of my practice was evolving more and more toward complex real estate transactions and litigation relating to land use matters, environmental issues and other real estate matters. 

          Throughout the 1990's and after the turn of the century, my office has become a real estate "boutique" with special expertise in all aspects of municipal real estate problems. We focus on commercial and residential real estate transactions and related disputes and litigation. We represent towns, developers and banks as well as purchasers, sellers, lessors, lessees or any other party to a real estate deal. My experience as a real estate lawyer, as well as the experience that I obtained from working with towns, land use commissions and others, provides me with the necessary experience to help guide the Borough and the NEDC in the future development of downtown Naugatuck as well as other undeveloped or underdeveloped areas of Naugatuck. 


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