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Budget Referendums

Everyone wants to pay less taxes.

Tax relief is also the primary goal of all candidates for political office in Naugatuck. It is very easy for a candidate to attract voters by promising tax relief by way of budget cuts through the referendum process. At least one candidate for Mayor is attempting to curry favor with the voters by organizing another budget referendum. History tells us that a large majority of the voters will be against the budget resulting in a minuscule budget cut. Each tax referendum will cost between $15,000.00 and $18,000.00 and will also result in a situation where bills will bunch up around Christmas time placing a hardship on some taxpayers. In addition, there will be additional mailings of tax bills resulting in further expenditures by the Town. No one will experience significant tax relief by virtue of an additional referendum. Naugatuck voters must realize that the only way to achieve significant tax relief is to increase the revenue side of the tax equation. We must grow as a Town. An increased grand list is the best way to decrease the mill rate. Our Smart Growth Today platform is the best way to achieve meaningful tax relief. Innovative budget cuts and improving our collective bargaining agreements will always remain part of the equation but smart growth will be the most important factor in the tax equation.

We grow or we die a slow death.

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