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Hop Brook Golf Course a Hidden Jewel/Destination

There has been controversy surrounding the decision to maintain Hop Brook Golf Course as a municipal golf course. Budget critics claim that the golf course should be privatized or at a minimum become revenue neutral. Proponents of the golf course recognize that Naugatuck residents and others have an opportunity to play golf at a well maintained golf facility for a very reasonable price. Hop Brook Golf Course is one of the hidden jewels of Naugatuck. The easiest issue that I will have to resolve as Mayor is the decision to continue the usage of Hop Brook Golf Course as a municipal golf course. In my opinion, when the salaries of the Park Dept. employees are properly allocated to the actual hours expended at the golf course, the golf course is already revenue neutral. In my administration, the golf course will be revenue neutral and will be improved to attract more usage from our residents as well as out of town users who pay a higher rate. The golf course is already a destination that attracts out of town regular players and it can become even more of a destination by continuing to improve the course on a gradual basis. I will also explore the possibility of obtaining water from Hop Brook when there is excess water in order to save up to $80,000 per year in water bills. Hop Brook Golf Course will remain a municipal golf course in my administration and it will thrive. I played Hop Brook this morning at 7. Aside from the fact that the course is in excellent condition, the greens are rolling as well if not better than any country club in the region. Area golfers not familiar with The Brook should give it a shot.

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