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Cross Street

We received great news this week concerning the contract to develop parcels A and B as a mixed use downtown project. When combined with the Parcel C project, we have the potential to achieve significant progress in expanding the grand list. Notwithstanding this great news, we need to understand 2 major remaining hurdles.

1. Both contracts contain several contingencies that must be removed from the contract before construction can begin. Land use issues, environmental issues, relocation of the train platform and other matters must be resolved before Naugatuck will begin to receive tax revenue from the development projects. I have spent my entire career solving problems in complex real estate matters in Naugatuck as well as in surrounding towns. I am the only candidate who has the type of experience that is necessary to get a shovel in the ground on Parcels A, B and C.

2. The best case scenario for revenue generation from the completion of parcels A, B & C is a mill rate reduction of approximately three mills.

Taxpayers need much more of a reduction in the mill rate in order to achieve significant tax relief. The development of parcels A, B & C is only the beginning. Naugatuck needs a long period of sustained growth in order to achieve significant tax relief.

My platform recognizes the need to extend the existing commercial corridor to the Uniroyal site and beyond. The future of Naugatuck is toward the South of downtown along the undeveloped and underutilized properties leading toward Cross Street.

Cross Street will become the most important street in Naugatuck as my Smart Growth platform advances. After the resolution of the complex issues surrounding the Uniroyal parcel and the completion of Parcels A, B and C, I propose that we build a bridge across the Naugatuck River from Cross Street to the area near the Treatment Plant.

We can utilize state and federal funding to offset the costs. We will also obtain some participation in the costs for the project from developers in the area. This plan may take several years to unfold but we need to plan for future growth in order to advance smart growth and obtain meaningful tax relief.

Thereafter, by building a mile of new road and utilizing existing roads, we can connect New Haven Road to the top of Andrew Mountain at Exit 25 on Route 8. This connection opens up the largest area of available land in Naugatuck for development.

I envision a commerce park on Andrew Mountain that will compete with Oxford and surrounding towns for the type of commercial business we need to attract. The connection of New Haven Road to Andrew Mountain Road by way of Cross Street and a new bridge will open up a large swath of under-utilized land for development. Under my administration, the future of development in Naugatuck will move southward toward Cross Street.

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